The Human Torch blazing onto Marvel Heroes

It's been two months since Marvel Heroes launched. So of course, it's time for some new content. The first new hero joining the roster is the Fantastic Four's Human Torch.

A new trailer from Comic-Con showed off some of his fire-based powers, his trademark banter, and three costumes. The Human Torch is currently undergoing the testing phase and will be available soon. He can be purchased using real money or with Eternity Splinters, which are rare drops that can be obtained through gameplay.

Additional characters coming down the pipeline include Emma Frost, Luke Cage, and Squirrel Girl, along with a notable re-skinning for Spider-Man. Spidey will receive the "Superior Spider-Man" costume, which switches him to the Doctor Octopus-possessed character currently running in the comics. In addition to receiving revamped animations, the Superior Spider-Man will also be alternately voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced the webslinger in the 90's Spider-Man animated series.