Chess 2: The Sequel for Ouya aims to shake up classic strategy

Chess has been remixed numerous times over the years, with Battle vs. Chess and Ben Foddy's Speed Chess. However, one plucky studio has nabbed the best title of them all. Indie developer Ludeme Games has announced "Chess 2: The Sequel" for Ouya, coming later this year.

The official site (via Polygon) outlines what Ludeme is bringing to the proverbial table. It adds six army types instead of just one, for a total of 21 possible match-ups. Ludeme claims that making the armies asymmetrical makes for a more strategic game, since it's less about memorizing opening moves and gambits. The page doesn't detail the pieces in the new armies, but the screens show pieces like elephants and tigers.

Chess 2 also adds a new win condition, achieved by crossing the mid-line with your King. That also makes for a gamble, since getting closer to the opposing army puts him in greater danger. Finally, it will introduce a double-blind bidding mechanic called "dueling" that requires you to study your opponent's habits.