Disney Infinity's Incredibles trailer springs into action

Disney Interactive revealed some new gameplay footage for Disney Infinity, showing off the world of The Incredibles.

The Play Set sees the nefarious Syndrome breaking some of his villainous brethren from captivity. Abilities displayed in the trailer posted below include Mrs. Incredible's stretching abilities, Dash's super speed, and Mr. Incredible's strength. Various gadgets from the film will also be available, such as Mr. Incredible's Hover Board and the Incredicar.

Collecting figures will also open up new options in Toy Box mode, which lets players interact with characters from Disney's various properties and customize their world as they see fit. The Incredibles is one of the play sets available in the Disney Infinity starter pack, coming August 18 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Wii.

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