Saints Row 4 trailer breaks out its Gat

Look, I know, "spoilers" and all that, but Saints Row 4 is a video game about the President of the US fighting aliens inside a computer simulation using superpowers and a gun which blasts dubstep--spoilers aren't that important. So here, a new trailer showing the return of Johnny Gat following his unfortunate demise in Saints Row: The Third.

How is he back? I don't know, some Matrix trickery, maybe. Do remember the game does feature two Shaundis--one from Saints Row 2 and the other her new style in 3--with two different voice actors. But does it even matter? If you're ever bored of goofing off in the open world and fancy a story mission or two, your pal Gat is back.

Saints Row IV is due August 20 on to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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