Sony relaxes Video Unlimited DRM on PlayStation devices

Sony has relaxed the download policies for its Video Unlimited service, Shacknews has discovered. Better known as the Video section of the PlayStation Store, Sony has added support for a cloud library and re-downloads across multiple devices.

The original policy prevented users of the Video Unlimited service from ever re-downloading purchased content. In fact, the PlayStation support site still notes that "videos purchased on the video store cannot be re-downloaded once it has been downloaded to either a PS3 or PSP system." Essentially, videos disappear from the Download List once successfully downloaded and activated on a PlayStation console.

However, it appears you can now access all of your downloaded video content, including content purchased before the terms have changed. The language on the Video Unlimited website reflects the change: "If you purchase a copy, the video or TV show download will be available infinitely and can be transferred to other enabled devices." For example, if you've purchased a movie through the PS3 store in 2010, you'll be able to re-download that content on Vita by accessing the Download List on that device.

The most recent Terms of Service for the Sony Entertainment Network also reflects the change.

Greg Belloni, senior manager of corporate communications at Sony Network Entertainment, confirmed the change to us. "I can confirm that we did recently change the service to allow users to re-download video content."

The change means video purchases on PlayStation Network no longer need to be backed up to a hard drive. With support for a persistent video library, Video Unlimited matches similar policies in place by iTunes and Amazon Video. With exclusive content from Sony Pictures planned for the service, it's a change that simply needed to happen.

Additional reporting provided by Chris K from PSNStores.