Deus Ex: The Fall sneaks onto iOS on Thursday

Yes, yes, I know: you wanted Deus Ex: The Fall to be a sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, not a mobile spin-off of a spin-off novel. But look, its existence probably doesn't actively harm you and it even seems quite promising, so just shut your trap, whoever it is I'm speaking to. You. You know.

The Fall introduces a new main character, a chap from the tie-in novel Icarus Effect who's spent some time kicking around with the Tyrants (those pesky boss characters from Human Revolution). It has sneaking to do, people to charm, weapons, augmentations, and some manner of conspiracy: constituent elements of a Deus Ex game, certainly.

Developed by N-Fusion, Deus Ex: The Fall will cost $6.99. An Android version is planned too. "We'll have to see how successful this is," Eidos Montreal game director Jean-Francois Dugas told us when we asked about bringing it to other platforms.

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