Monaco's level editor sneaks out of beta

Have you stolen everything in the world worth stealing? Is the heist game just not providing the same thrill that it used to? Master thieves that have successfully run through Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine may find a new reason to come back, as Pocketwatch Games has taken the game's level editor out of beta and released the final version on PC and Mac for free.

Titled "The Mole's Workshop," Monaco players are free to use all of the game's tools to build a stage of their own and fill it with traps, loot, and anything else available to them. (Like dogs. Lots of dogs.) It is powered by Steam Workshop, which will allow creators to automatically submit their stages and missions to the Steam cloud. They can also play through any levels already submitted, including hundreds of stages from the level editor's beta phase. The video below details a majority of the creation process. No word on whether the level editor will eventually find its way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game.

Along with The Mole's Workshop, Pocketwatch Games has released Monaco on Mac. All Steam customers that have already purchased the PC version will also receive the Mac version for no extra charge.