Left 4 Dead 2 EMS mods and Linux officially launch

Valve's beta version of Left 4 Dead 2 has graduated to become it plain old regular version. Yesterday's update brought the official launch of the co-op shooter's Linux version and the Extended Mutation System that lets modders create complex new modes.

The update ships with three EMS creations to show off a little what it can do, including Holdout--a neat little survival mode where you scavenge supplies to build fortifications and buy better gear. Mods with such delightful names as "Vicious Infected, Boomer Peril, Stranded, Vampirism, Plague of the Dead, Zombie Run, and Tiny Terror" are coming too, Valve says. Splendid.

The update converts L4D2 to the SteamPipe format too, for faster loading and downloads.

Check out the patch notes for the full rundown of what's new.