Transformers Universe team suffers layoffs

Transformers Universe developer Jagex has laid off 13 staff members who were working on the free-to-play MMO. This was reportedly done due to changes to the underlying systems that will, Jagex hopes, help push the game out by the end of 2013.

The company confirmed the layoffs to Eurogamer. It said the changes won't "adversely impact" the planned Transformers MMO, and that more information will hit the official site soon.

However, an unnamed source has expressed concern about the game's progress. The game is said to be in a "precarious position" since Jagex is under pressure to release it before the end of the year. It has reportedly decided to use more established tech, rather than in-house production, to serve as the backbone. That could potentially save the developers enough time to launch, but it could also mean problems from switching to an unfamiliar architecture.

We last heard from Transformers Universe when Jagex released a gameplay trailer last October, which promised a 2013 release.