Chillingo expands into PlayStation Mobile

Chillingo is best known for their vast library of mobile games, and their reach is about to expand a tiny bit more with PlayStation Mobile. Their first release for the Sony platform will be HolyWaterGames' Feed Me Oil, a 2011 iOS puzzle game, where the idea is to send oil into the mouths of some weird-looking creatures.

The PlayStation Mobile initiative launched last October, in an effort to court mobile game developers into releasing mobile titles on Vita and select "PlayStation Certified" Android phones, such as the Xpreia Z. It launched with over 20 games, including Super Crate Box.

According to Polygon, Chillingo is expected to release versions of Little Acorns, iBomber Defense, and Roll in the Hole to PlayStation Mobile in the near future, with more titles to come. If the initiative proves successful, Vita might even get some upcoming Chillingo-published titles, like Ninja Theory's Fightback.