Routine gameplay trailer shows lunar scares

How do I know humanity has never been to the Moon? Because Armstrong and Aldrin did not return as gibbering wrecks, twisted and tainted by the horrors waiting for us there. Look at Routine. No, really, look at it, look at how awful and terrifying Lunar Software's 1980s sci-fi moonbase is in this first gameplay trailer. This is what awaits us.

Routine is a free-roaming first-person horror 'em up which has you exploring a moonbase to find out why everyone has vanished. You probably don't want to know the answer. It probably won't let you jump back in the airlock and forever leave that dreadful rock.

It's not all just moody atmosphere. Unpleasant things lurk, and Routine is pretty hardcore, having permadeath and no health packs or HUD. I hope you're good at Moon-running and Moon-hiding.

"I think most developers use horror as a theme to their action game rather than actually making a horror game," Lunar Software's Aaron Foster told us in an interview last year.

Routine's coming to PC and Mac later this year. Check the official site for more.