Guild Wars 2 'Sky Pirates of Tyria' update coming June 25

Guild Wars 2 is warming up for its next big update, Sky Pirates of Tyria. The new content will include a new dungeon and events, rewards, a big balance update, and additional features. It's set to hit on June 25.

The "Aetherblade Retreat" dungeon has you taking on the sky pirates themselves, culminating in battles against the Captain and First Mate. A "Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt" lets you search for the locations of 12 plaques, tying into a novel of the same name that will hit the same day. The update will also bring new rewards from the Aetherblade pirates, and First Mate Horrik mini-companion.

New features coming int his update include a large balance patch with updates to various traits and skills across all classes, along with Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode coming out of beta. The Mortar Mastery training will also be added.