Why Smash Bros for Wii U won't support GamePad features

While Nintendo is wont to add arbitrary features to its games to showcase its unique hardware, that won't be the case with its upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Wii U. Why? Because it could potentially give a player an advantage over another.

"The idea with Smash Bros., you have four players come together, and it's a fair playing field," director Masahiro Sakurai explained. "The idea of having one person with this special controller and special features that are only available to the gamepad player flies in the face of that. Right now, we're not adding any additional [GamePad] functionality at all."

"With Smash Bros. being a four-player game we want people to be on equal footing. That's our main philosophy when it comes to control features," he told Polygon.

The idea of being fair seems to extend to how difficult the game will be. Sakurai admits that while Melee was for "the veteran player," Brawl was designed more for the "casual gamer." However, he believes that his new game will be "really right in the middle." That means doing away with more ridiculous systems, like tripping which occurred in the Wii game.