Company of Heroes 2 campaign demo released

Some E3 demoes are broadcast for the world to watch, some are only for us to write about, and some, well, we wouldn't be allowed to tell you about those for months. How delightful, then, that the Company of Heroes 2 campaign mission shown at E3 is now available for everyone to play. Huzzah!

We all now get to play a portion of the RTS's 'The Land Bridge to Leningrad' mission, "where the players will be asked to cross a frozen lake under heavy German fire." Sega says it comes from the middle of the game, so the difficulty should be just about right.

The mission has been added to what was the multiplayer open beta, so if you've been playing that and Steam has already updated it, just fire up and start playing. If you haven't been playing the beta, hey, just grab it from Steam.

The multiplayer and campaign bits are only available until June 18, as CoH 2 launches on June 24.