Titanfall on PlayStation 'definitely not out of the question'

Titanfall may currently be exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 (and PC, but apparently that doesn't count because we want Microsoft and Sony to fight in a dank basement) but it won't necessarily always be that way.

See, according to publisher EA the exclusivity is one of those "tactical opportunities" that comes along (ie briefcases full of money), while developer Respawn Entertainment says a PlayStation version later is "definitely not out of the question." Fingers crossed.

"When you boil it down, we would love to be everywhere, but we're just starting out," Respawn lead artist Joel Emslie told Eurogamer. "It comes down to quality, not quantity." A silky 60fps is a goal Respawn wants to nail, which gets more difficult the more platforms you're developing for.

He added, "We of course would want to go further in the future with stuff, but we're just starting out. It's pretty frustrating! We want to be everywhere. We want to put Titanfall everywhere, but that's where we're at. We're starting there."

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told CVG that "there are tactical opportunities from time to time on a title or on a service component that we do enter into a relationship with one or two of the first parties on that particular opportunity and we'll execute on it." And Titanfall was one of those.

So one imagines Microsoft offered a chunk of money to make Titanfall an Xbox 'exclusive', but one key question we won't get answered any time soon is whether that's forever or for a set time.

Our Andrew was jolly pleased when he played the mech-tastic shooter at E3. "Nearly every aspect of the game feels like it's been designed for fun," he said.