Rift has now gone free-to-play

We said before that Trion Worlds planned to turn its MMORPG Rift free-to-play on this day but, you know, what sort of company expects people to remember things like that in the excitement of E3? But it has, and everyone can now play it as much as they please without paying a penny.

Head on over to the official site to download the client. If you're happy to download a whole MMO but reluctant to register for an account, hey, you can even play up to level 10 before registering.

F2P folks have fewer character slots and other such restrictions, and need to pay for classes from the expansion Storm Legion, but get every area, quest, dungeon and character level. Rift still has optional subscriptions offering boosters and priority access and whatnot, and has a microtransaction store for items and services, but Trion Worlds swears it's not pay-to-win.

"We are not selling power. We are not pay to win. Every piece of stat-granting equipment that you can buy from the store can also be gained through play," creative director Bill Fisher said in May. "Our philosophy is that the very best gear in the game must be earned."

While you download the client, here's a new trailer celebrating the F2P switch: