Dark E3 trailer drops gothy beats

Before you watch the E3 trailer for vampiric sneak 'em up Dark, remember that before vampires were adored by teenage girls struggling with awkward yearnings, the bloodsuckers were doted over by teenage girls struggling with awkward yearnings while wearing gobs of black eye liner. That's why it uses this song. So on with the show.

Not only is Eric Bane--a daft adopted scenester surname if I've ever heard one--a vampire, he's a vampire in the future! Which means everything looks like a cybergoth music video. Eric will sneak around, stealthily draining people of blood and powering up mystical abilities as he pokes into a global corporate conspiracy sort of thing.

As for why this trailer is just a load of cut-up gameplay snippets and press quotes, well, that's simple: because E3. What you may find more interesting is the recent videos properly showing off the vampiric powers.

Developed by Realmforge and published by Kalypso, Dark is due July 9 on PC and Xbox 360.

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