Deus Ex: The Fall is a mobile FPS

Look, you know by now that you can't judge anything from a game's name, and that you shouldn't be excited by teasers or domain registrations. So here's what Deus Ex: The Fall actually is: a mobile version of the FPS-RPG, coming "soon" to iThings.

The Fall is set in 2027, like Human Revolution, but has you playing as Ben Saxon, star of the tie-in novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. He's off an a mission to find out why he was betrayed by his former chums the Tyrants (the folks from HR's boss battles), and may need to elbow-stab some men.

From the announcement trailer, it seems to be a pretty and fairly faithful take on the new Deus Ex model, with first-person shooting and third-person cover and experience points and augmentations and takedowns and all that jazz, though with locking-on so it's playable on mobile screens.

Development is handled by Square Enix Mobile, "in collaboration with" Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal and N-Fusion. Hit the official site for more.

It'll launch this summer on iOS at $6.99. Square Enix notes in the announcement that it's "the first instalment of the mobile series", so one imagines we'll see more of it.