Tomb Raider DLC bundles introduced; Tomb of the Lost Adventurer out now

Square Enix is grouping together the various Tomb Raider downloadable content, to make up three convenient bundles. The Online Survival Pack, Adventure Pack, and Multiplayer Map Set join the newly available Tomb of the Lost Adventurer.

The official Tumblr shared the details. The Online Survival Pack includes six weapons from Hitman: Absolution and four multiplayer characters. The Adventure Pack includes two weapon upgrades, three skill upgrades, and three outfits. Both of those cost $6.99, or 560 MSP. The Multiplayer Map Set is PC (Steam) only, and includes eight maps for $9.99.

Finally, the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, an extra tomb previously only available in Europe, has come to North America. The tomb is the place of death for an adventurer not unlike Lara herself, and it introduces a new puzzle involving a crashed plane. It will cost you $2.99 (240 MSP).