Zineth dev's first-person skate Perfect Stride nails first trailer

Several folks behind delightful open-world rollerskate Zineth, this year's IGF Student Showcase winner, have revealed their next game and it's every bit as gnarly. Perfect Stride takes loud rolling onto four wheels as a first-person skateboarder and oh my stars the first trailer is glorious.

"Literally a perfect game," explains Perfect Stride's delightfully vile website (via Indie Statik). "State Of The Art computer graphics. Based on old school FPS movement exploits (Quake jumping, Tribes skiing, CS surfing). The controls are hella hard & we like it that way so shut up.".

An early alpha version will be given to people who backed the LA Game Space Kickstarter, creating a place in Los Angeles for indie devs to zoom around on rollerblades and tighten up graphics. If you didn't, and statistically you probably didn't, it seems there'll be a way to chip in and get Perfect Stride plus loads of other games. Or you can wait.