Gunpoint demo samples hacking stealth-puzzler

Do you like hacking computers, sneaking around offices, and wearing high-tech trenchcoats which let you dive out of windows without smooshing into bloody pulp? "And in video games!" I add then we all fall about laughing. All that fun and more is on offer in a demo for Gunpoint, a stealth-puzzler which has you rewiring entire buildings in unexpected ways to break in and steal data.

Gunpoint will have you bypassing security systems by rewriting how buildings' electronics work, so a light switch may be hacked to open a door or move an elevator to distract a guard. Spies are encouraged to play about and discover surprising solutions, and if all goes wrong you can simply pounce upon guards and beat the heck out of them or shove them out windows.

Along with dropping the 28MB demo (also on Steam), developer Suspicious Developments also confirmed it'll launch for PC next Monday, June 3.

Pre-orders are open now too. It'll cost $10 at launch but is only $9 to pre-order, giving you a DRM-free version and a Steam key. The $20 Special Edition is on pre-order for $15, including the soundtrack and some in-game developer commentary. Or for $27 you can also get 9 Gunpoint prototypes from across its development, bonus music tracks, the lure of beta versions of future Suspicious games, and other shinies befitting an Exclusive Edition.

See, this seven-minute trailer shows how Gunpoint works. Isn't it lovely?