Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced already has 350,000 words of new content

Things have been awfully quiet from Beamdog after the release of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition late last year. We know they are working on DLC for the game, and also a Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced, so we contacted the company to find out just what was going on in the land of Faerun.

"We're hard at work on BG2:EE and it is going well," Beamdog president Trent Oster told Shacknews. "Phil (our design lead) mentioned to me there is over 350,000 words of new content."

He said all those words were related to quests and story across Shadows of Amn and the expansion, Throne of Bhaal, and is part of the bundle for PC and Mac, and DLC for iPad and Android.

He wouldn't go into too much other detail other than to say they hope to start talking about the sequel soon. Oster told us before the first game (pictured above) was released that BG2:EE would take precedence over their DLC plans for the original, and he confirmed that hasn't changed.

"DLC-wise, we have plans, but nothing completed, yet."