Making a profit on The Witness for PS4 not a priority, dev says

Outspoken indie developer Jonathan Blow has given an update on his upcoming PS4-first title, The Witness, and enjoys the fact that being an indie developer lets him choose his own project and go as far out with its concept as he wants, completely free of publisher influence.

"We also have the freedom not to have to make a huge profit if we don't need to," Blow said in the latest "Conversations with Creators" video up on the PlayStation Blog. "I would definitely like to make our money back on this game and I would like to make a profit on it, but it's not actually the number one priority. The number one priority is to make the best possible game that we can make that brings the most beneficial experience to the players. That's absolutely number one."

Blow talks about the game's multiple layers and openness to interpretation, noting that it can be read as a puzzle game, a non-linear exploration game, or something else entirely. In fact, judging by the crude 1993 Super Metroid-style map and the typical FPS narrative template that's posted on the PS blog, Blow is clearly aiming for an entirely new open-world experience. It's a far-out concept, one that he partially credits to the pressure-free environment of the indie sector.

"The field of what's possible in games is so large that we can cast our fishing rod out into an area that nobody else is even looking at," said Blow. "The Witness is like that."

The game is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 shortly after the console's launch.