Rumor: Microsoft's NFL deal cost $400 million over 5 years

Microsoft's Xbox One presentation lasted just under an hour, and a significant chunk of that time was spent on entertainment, including a video highlighting its partnership with the NFL. So why so much time devoted to football? Well, if you had committed to a multimillion dollar contract, you'd probably want to show it off too.

A report on claims that the deal is worth $400 million over five years to the NFL, according to a source familiar with the agreement. The arrangement includes interactive TV viewing on the Xbox One, but the report mentions that it could expand to tablets as early as 2014.

The report also notes that it being a five-year deal means that Microsoft and the NFL can adapt as the times change. Any new uses of the technology will have to go through the "proper approval processes" to pass muster in the NFL rules. "Whatever we do, it's of paramount importance it enhances the competition," said Brian Rolapp, COO of NFL Media. "We have some gospel points we will not break."