Ryse remade into Xbox One exclusive

Not much has been heard of Crytek's Roman-themed first-person fighting game Ryse since it was announced for Xbox 360 at E3 2011. But rumors of the Kinect-based game's shift to Microsoft's next-gen console have been confirmed by the company's website.

Crytek posted the news that CryEngine 3 title will be exclusive to the Xbox One and will have "controller-based gameplay enhance by Kinect," something that was planned for the Xbox 360 version. The new reveal includes the words Filius Romae Venit, which roughly translates to "Son came to Rome." Roman numerals hint at a possible 2013 release. The only information about the game is a teaser that the player can fight as a soldier and lead as a general to "rise as a legend." A countdown timer suggests more details at E3.

Microsoft has said it will have 15 exclusive titles for Xbox One, so Ryse can now be added to the list of known games. In case you forgot what the title was about, here is the old E3 trailer.

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