Rumor: Ryse now planned for next-gen Xbox

Ryse, Crytek's Kinect-powered first-person melee combat game set in ancient Rome, may be headed to Microsoft's next-gen console (whatever that may be). A former senior level designer at Crytek has indicated as much on her LinkedIn profile.

The information--unearthed by Eurogamer--is listed in the former Crytek employee's work experience, and is as follows:

RYSE (X-Box Next Gen) Pushing boundaries of next generation gaming, RYSE is an original AAA IP from Crytek slated to deliver an Epic first-person melee experience in the Roman Empire.

Comments spotted on the industry forum NeoGaf seem to support this assertion, and indicate that during a student lecture a Crytek representative said there was a "big chance of Ryse going next gen because of all the work they had to do and all the people they are hiring for the Ryse team."

Neither Microsoft Game Studios or Crytek have provided official comment on the rumor yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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