OZombie will be Spicy Horse's take on Oz

American McGee isn't waiting to find out if he can get the Alice IP back from Electronic Arts. While his team at Spicy Horse continues to work on Alice: Otherworlds pending those negotiations, he is also moving forward with his vision of the land of Oz in the steampunkish world of OZombie.

In this new vision, Dorothy, Toto, the Tinman, and the Lion will be facing off against the Scarecrow. "Asked the artists to play around with the idea of Scarecrow zombies... basically normal Oz characters converted into Scarecrows," McGee said on the game's official Facebook page. "This is in line with the narrative I'm working on for OZombie; one in which Scarecrow is dissatisfied with the "brains" given to him by The Wizard - then goes on a rampage across Oz to covert everything in his path to zombies."

The story will also include some very large "immortals of Oz," but McGee didn't go into much detail other than a piece of concept art. He said that no matter which game the company does, Kickstarter will be used. He has even started outlining some of the reward tiers for OZombie, soliciting fan feedback.