Men's Room Mayhem awkwardly shuffling into Vita next week

When Sony shut down Wipeout developer Studio Liverpool last year, a few former members banded together to set up Sawfly Studios. Its first game is, well, quite different to the futuristic racer--a urinary path-setting puzzler named Men's Room Mayhem. You'll get to play with it next week, publisher Ripstone announced today. Men's Room Mayhem lets you live the glamorous life of a janitor/lord of bathrooms, directing chaps to stalls and urinals to relieve themselves. You score bonus points if you can keep everyone away from other men, because apparently that's a thing. And need to clean up too. Think a crass Flight Control with violence if anyone acknowledges the existence of other men's genitals. It'll hit Vita first as a downloadable release on May 21, priced at $1.99. PlayStation Plus members will get it half-price at first too. Cut-down iOS and Android editions will follow on May 23 for $0.99, selling the excised levels and mode in-game for a dollar apiece.

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