Men's Room Mayhem whipped out by Sony Studio Liverpool vets

Men's room "etiquette" is absurd and baffling, but considering that teeth have been knocked out over rules violations, perhaps it merits study. Sawfly Studios, a team founded by survivors of Sony's now-closed Studio Liverpool, is examining this curious world in its first game, Men's Room Mayhem for Vita.

"If I had to sum it up in a single sentence I'd say it's like Flight Control meets Carry On At Your Convenience!," Phil Gaskell of publisher Ripstone said in the the big reveal.

Players control a janitor/wee controller in a bustling men's room, directing patrons to urinals and cubicles, cleaning up after them, and making sure they clean themselves up. It follows the rules of men's room etiquette and offers bonus points for leaving space between urinaters. Yes, of course fights can happen if you're not careful.

More information, a price, and the release date are promised as the queue whittles down.