Gran Turismo 6 dev has PS4 edition 'in mind'

Gosh, wasn't it odd when Sony announced Gran Turismo 6 only for the PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation 4 is so close? What an unlikely turn of events! Would you believe that developer Polyphony Digital is also considering a PS4 version? Probably not. Too outlandish.

"We have a PS4 version in mind for the future" Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi told GameSpot. Gasp! "But for this holiday season we thought that it would be best for users to release the PS3 version."

As for when such a thing might arrive on PS4, Yamauchi couldn't say. For now, the studio plans lots of new content and DLC on PS3. "Once the players have thoroughly played out the game, if the PlayStation 4 version just came out naturally in the process, we think that would be the best scenario for the game," he said.

Pleasantly, he said players would "probably" be able to transfer progress from PS3 to PS4.

So, it's not formally announced, but yeah, it's looking pretty certain. Gran Turismo 6 is due on PlayStation 3 this holiday season, preceded by a demo in July.