Ubisoft prototyping Zombi U sequel

ZombiU has gotten some critical acclaim as both a rare adult game on the Wii U and one of the more unique uses of the GamePad. It may just get a sequel, as Ubisoft has confirmed that it is working on a prototype for a follow-up. That doesn't guarantee another game, of course, but it's a hopeful sign for fans.

"Thank you for your interest in ZombiU," Ubisoft Montpellier's Jean-Philippe Caro tweeted. "The team is working hard on a prototype. It's too soon to tell you more."

The company subsequently confirmed to Eurogamer that the project has not been formally green-lit, and is merely "creating and developing ideas" at the moment.

The studio is currently working on Rayman Legends, though prior statements have indicated that game has been essentially finished since around the time it was delayed to put it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That probably affords the studio some bandwidth to devote towards tinkering with ideas like this one, and ZombiU stands as one of the highest rated Wii U exclusives.