Contraption Maker coming from Incredible Machine team

The core gang behind the much-beloved The Incredible Machine have reunited to make a new Rube Goldberg machine 'em up, named Contraption Maker. Like TIM, you'll put trampolines, hamster-powered motors, see-saws, alligators, and other odds and ends together unlikely devices to solve puzzles in unexpected and delightfully complicated ways. Contraption Maker will introduce new bits, mod support, co-op play, and even support Arduino hardware, the official website explains. "I am even more happy to announce that Kevin Ryan and Brian Hahn are both working on the project (along with the rest of the incredibly talented people at Spotkin), so we have the entire original team that worked on TIM," TIM designer Jeff Tunnell wrote in a blog post. Contraption Maker is scheduled for release on PC and Mac this summer.

Can you guess what it is yet?