New trailer hints at XCOM shooter reveal on April 26

A new trailer has emerged from Veritas MCMLXII pointing toward an impending relaunch of the XCOM shooter. This trailer isn't quite as detailed, but as with any conspiracy theory, it's what you don't see at first that is more important. The trailer is innocuous enough. Kid on a bike in 1962, with a card in the spokes of his wheels. Then near the end, the bike is on the ground and he is raptly staring into the sky. Something is coming to Suburbia. And if you look on the right edge of the frame at the 0:16 second mark, you see April 26 and 2K.

The evidence

So coming this Thursday, you can expect something from 2K Games about "What happened in '62." It will probably be the rebranding of XCOM to The Bureau, based on a few domains Take-Two grabbed two weeks ago.