Leisure Suit Larry HD targeting May 31 release

Leisure Suit Larry has been getting the HD treatment from Replay Games after its successful Kickstarter, and the awkward little man in search of love should be making his return on May 31, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe told Shacknews today.

"We should be in beta this week," Trowe said. "We need to get all the bugs and game freezes out of the way, and maybe do pickup lines with the actors that may have been missed. We'll get the game to about 7,500 of our Kickstarter backers for the beta test, and they'll also be testing foreign language versions as well."

Trowe said that the beta should last about two weeks, maybe less, but he is optimistic everything will be ready by the end of May to get the game out to the public. "The odds are in our favor that we can come in before that," he said. The game will sell for $19.99 for PC, Mac and Linux when it is released.

The game will be out sometime in June in Europe, where it is being distributed by UIG Entertainment.

We got a look at the game last month, complete with some of the music from composer Austin Wintory. The preview did a good job of reminding us just how pathetic poor Larry can be, but all in the name of mature fun.