Leisure Suit Larry HD remake coming in late May

That lovable loser Larry Laffer is getting remade in HD, but unfortunately his coming out party is going to be a bit delayed. An update on the Leisure Suit Larry HD Kickstarter page reveals that the game will be coming out in late May "at the earliest." Paul Trowe, head of developer Replay Games, revealed the news, saying his 13 years in QA won't let him "ship a buggy product." He also confirmed the pre-production of a free-to-play Larry casino game, and another LSL in the pipeline, be it a remake of LSL 2 or an all new Larry 8. focalbox Trowe was practically giddy about the game when he showed it at GDC. He emphasizes that the game is not about sex, but Larry's attempt to lose his virginity. As the player, you need to keep Larry safe from sexual diseases, mad pimps and bad situations in general. Our brief stroll through the game began with answering five basic trivia questions to verify our age, as Replay doesn't want anyone too young to jump into the game. Larry, again voiced by Jan Rabson from the original games, walks into Lefty's Bar where he meets up with an eclectic bunch. Aside from the bartender, a pretty woman in red, and a muscular sort next to her, the bar is populated with characters representing people who donated large sums to the crowdfunding campaign. In another nod to its backers, Replay put a plaque on the wall dedicated to a group of Kickstarter "69ers." It should be noted that the music in the game from Journey composer Austin Wintory is delightfully entertaining, at least what little has been revealed so far. Trowe said Wintory, who was chosen blind by co-creator Al Lowe from a selection of possible composers, wants to keep much of the music under wraps until closer to the game's release. The game is full of sexual innuendo and double meanings galore. From pictures of bananas, pickles, and a woman spanking a simian, to signs that say "No Unloading Here," Leisure Suit Larry should have your inner juvenile chuckling at almost every stage. Trowe added that the game even has "un-achievements," which reward players for novel ways of helping Larry reach a happy ending. It's obvious that Larry's return to the land of the lounge lizards won't be for everyone, but seeing a proper remake of the game with the attention to the titillating detail that Trowe, Lowe and Sierra On-Line brought to the originals is a refreshing change from the drivel that was Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Bust.

Larry meets the Kickstarter crew in Lefty's Bar