Sega adds more to Company of Heroes 2 Digital CE

Now that Sega will be publishing Company of Heroes 2, it has decided to up the ante a bit by offering a new Digital Collector's Edition that will include a few more perks than the one originally announced by THQ back in September.

The new edition, which still sells for $99.99, will offer 24 new skins (up from two), and a unique Soviet Commander for multiplayer. This is in addition to the Commander Pass, which will unlock another four commanders--two German and two Soviet--after launch. The Theater of War mini-pack, as well as the original Company of Heroes and expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, are still included.

Anyone who has already purchased the Digital Collector's Edition from THQ will automatically be upgraded to the new package. The package is only available via pre-order from digital distributors and will be discontinued once the game launches on June 25.

"Following the transition to SEGA, we have been working hard to improve and enhance the offerings for pre-order and Digital Collector's Edition customers and are delighted to be able to reward our most loyal fans," producer Greg Wilson said in the release.