Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut trailer peeks at boss battles

Everyone is awfully excited about bringing Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Wii U and wants this Director's Cut to be really good and think it's great. That's the gist of a new "behind the scenes" trailer for it. What really matters, though, is that it squeezed between talking heads and shots of people working are our first glimpses of the game in action, including its GamePad controls and revamped boss battles.

The Wii U-exclusive Director's Cut is being ported with Straight Right, an Australian studio who worked on the Wii U edition of Mass Effect 3. "Straight Right has been very proactive to propose new ideas because they were used to the Wii U platform," executive producer David Anfossi says in the trailer.

You'll see that in how much the GamePad is used for, well, anything that doesn't involve looking at the back of Adam Jensen's head--hacking, e-mails, inventory, sniping, and all that jazz.

What you really want to do is skip to around 1:58 in the video for a peek at the reworked boss fights, which can now be beaten in was other than simply shooting faces with your gun.

The Director's Cut launches for Wii U "later this year." Sadly, all its fancy updates and shiny new features won't come back to other platforms.