Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut improvements staying on Wii U

The revamped boss fights of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Director's Cut on Wii U won't make the jump from to its home platforms, I'm sorry to say. While Wii U players will get to sneak and hack through the expanded fights, the rest of us will be forever stuck shooting faces.

"Our goal right off the bat was not to make a port," designer Emile Pedneault told The Penny Arcade Report. "We really wanted to take this opportunity working on the game again to just change what was ehh, so-so with the game and bring some new features to the game."

So Eidos has tidied the graphics up a bit, made fancy touchscreen bits for the GamePad, integrated the DLC, and added audio commentary, New Game+ and a guide. And you won't see any of that on PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, Pedneault said. Well gosh darn it, isn't that a shame?

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