Capcom looking at 'more and better' single-player in fighting games

Fighting games are chiefly about punching your friend in the face, but the new Mortal Kombat and, oh my goodness, Persona 4 Arena have really worked at big single-player sides too. While Capcom is arguably still best at friend-punching, it's really fallen behind in offering more. Thankfully, that may be changing in the not-so-near future.

P4A and Mortal Kombat have story modes with fully-voiced voiced cutscenes and character arcs and whatnot, and MK in particular has oodles of various single-player modes. Capcom's series like Street Fighter, however, have followed the same pattern for yonks: trade textual one-liner; fight man; insult loser with a sentence of text; move on to next opponent; ultimately defeat boss who was doing something which was under-explained but probably naughty.

Capcom's not unaware of this, though.

"The strategic marketing group here has for quite a while been pushing for our fighting franchises to have more and better single player content, of which full fledged story modes are one component," Capcom USA senior VP Christian Svensson wrote in response to a fan.

The forum poster had praised NetherRealm Studios for the story mode, challenges, and so on in Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Don't hold your breath though.

"How and when those requirements manifest in our future roadmap, I'm not prepared to speak about at this time," Svensson added. And one arm of Capcom pushing for something doesn't mean everyone else is onboard.

While other fighting games do offer better single-player, Capcom's still the multiplayer favorite. One imagines it'll be very careful in expanding the solo side, and not risk losing its crown.