NHL 14 enforcer fights use Fight Night tech

The announcement of a new entry in an annual sports franchises is never a surprise so what matters is, what's new? EA today parted its luxurious red velvet curtains to reveal NHL 14, with shiny newness including using tech from the Fight Night boxing games in enforcer scraps.

EA's list of changes this year also includes improved collision physics, refinements to its physics-based skating, one-touch dekes, and the rebirth of Career Mode as 'Live the Life' with off-ice fun like giving interviews.

NHL 14 is due for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 10, developed by EA Canada. It's the first new NHL game since the Wii U launched but no, seems it's skipping Nintendo's new console.

Here, enjoy this announcement trailer which shows far more real-life hockey than NHL 14 hockey:

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