Rumor: Star Wars 1313 starred Boba Fett

Before it was put on hold and then unceremoniously canceled with the closure of LucasArts, Star Wars 1313 was a promising, albeit mysterious, game. LucasArts was notably cagey about it, only noting that the hero's character model was a placeholder without acknowledging who it would be. Now that such secrets no longer matter, sources have confirmed suspicions that the game was meant to star fan favorite character Boba Fett.

Kotaku reports that according to a reliable source, the game was altered to star Boba Fett just before its debut at E3. George Lucas looked at the game in May and wanted it to star the popular character. That short timeline would explain why the team had a game to show, but wasn't ready to talk about its star.

LucasFilm has reportedly suggested that the projects in the works at LucasArts could still be revived by licensed development efforts, but the chances seem unlikely. Disney will still be looking to license out the brand for third-party development, so we'll have to wait for another game to play as a bounty hunter easily beaten by a blind man with a stick.