Thief's new voice actor for Garrett unveiled

The was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from old-school Thief fans when it was revealed that Stephen Russell would not be reprising the role of Garrett. But in a new community video post, Eidos Montreal has revealed the new actor, found during a talent search in Montreal.

Romano Orzari will be taking on the role, mostly because of the more demanding work required with full performance capture. Narrative Director Steven Gallagher said it was something about Orzari's eyes that appealed to him. "Garrett speaks a lot through his eyes, and I thought that was something that Romano was very good at doing."

Orzari said, that although he did not want to be tainted by how Russell had handled the character previously, the "kid inside me said 'no, you gotta check it out.'" He used it as research to understand the character and then he took the role a bit deeper.

Check out the developer diary below, and be sure to check out our preview from GDC.