Rising Storm trailer shows off Red Orchestra 2's Pacific expandalone

Rising Storm may be coming a mite later than its original release window of 2011, but a new trailer and screenshots out of GDC shows the time hasn't been wasted. Red Orchestra 2's expansion-turned-standalone is set in World War 2's Pacific theatre, and the trailer travels from Guadalcanal to Saipan via Hanto River and Iwo Jima. With flamethrowers.

The multiplayer standalone throws US and Japanese forces against each other in key Pacific battle locations, armed with appropriate weapons including flamethrowers and knee mortars. On top of the shiny new stuff, it'll contain all of Red Orchestra 2's multiplayer content, and be compatible with it.

Rising Storm is scheduled for release on PC some time this year. Unusually, it's developed by a team of modders together with folks from series creator Tripwire.

Oh, and why are the Japanese always yelling? Because a 'Banzai' ability lets them charge, taking less damage and suppressing enemies, to chop chaps with their bayonets and katana. Oh my!

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