Weekend Confirmed 157 - God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgment, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 22, 2013 11:00am PDT

This week, Garnett Lee is joined by Andrew Yoon and the returning "Indie" Jeff Mattas, who kick off the show by talking about Cart Life and God of War: Ascension, two games that couldn't be more different. Co-host Jeff Cannata arrives in time for the second segment to talk Gears of War: Judgment and put the Tomb Raider discussion to bed by debating Lara's character arc. The show ends with Jeff C. and Andrew raving about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Metro: Last Light before everyone brings it all home with a fresh slew of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 157: 3/22/2013

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  • Another fantastic show, WCers.

    The discussion of Tomb Raider was much more measured, and Garnett, I felt that you made your case with better examples, less ad hominem frustration, and more analysis. Thank you.

    The piece of this that you all seem to be missing is that this is one of the very rare cases in recent video games in which a strong, largely realistic, and sympathetic FEMALE protagonist gets to do so many of the things that male action heroes do all the time--kick ass, develop superhuman skills, fight back against enemies, survive, and still be a hero (which includes looking good), without selling her soul. To suddenly demand in what Garnett calls "idealism" that the female hero acts emotional in a narrative style more befitting a novel or film just doesn' t make sense. Tomb Raider is a game.

    If you haven't read these two articles about Tomb Raider by female journalists, you're missing a desperately important facet of this game and its reception:



    This game matters, a lot, and its beauty, its incredible design, its fun-factor, and its narrative all are a credit to the state of gaming, the glory of late-generation games, and the progress we have made as a community.

    On that note: to Marcus and his absolutely absurd, recidivist, neanderthal attitude towards social equality and discrimination, all I can say is that you have proven your complete backwardness better than anyone else ever could. I look forward to never listening to or reading anything that you have to say. What an absolute embarrassment that finishing move was.

  • Good podcast again. Few corrections and a small rant.

    As far as the direction for the God of War 3. The idea for each game to take place in a different era is not correct. In an interview with Game Trailers he "suggested that the battle with Zeus would be set at the beginning of the game. Kratos would kill Zeus, creating a vortex that would suck all mythologies - Greek, Egyptian, Norse etc. - into one world. While in this world, Kratos would ultimately stop the people from believing in these gods, thereby ushering in the new age of religions, beginning with Christianity. The ending of the game would see you playing as the Three Wise Men. The origin of the Sphinx would also be explained as a monster that Kratos froze with Medusa's Head, whilst Kratos ultimate fate would be to sacrifice himself to live with his family in Hades."

    Now my small rant is that I think people take this whole "bros before hoes" issue way to seriously. It's right that the naming of the trophy was rather silly and misplaced but if you take the time to actually look at the context of which said trophy belongs to you can see just how much of a misfire that whole dissociation was. I was rather surprised that last week's podcast had two guests discussing the issue with no real research behind them. I would expect something like that from Marcus Beer but from a guy Cannata who usually does his research very well; I just excepted more. I was also very amazed that Sessler, who played the game itself, kinda misfired on that one. At Garnett said in advance that he has very little knowledge of said "controversy."

    Now I know I can come and ask "Well if it wasn't such a big issue and was taken out of context, then why did Sony went and change it?"

    Well first off all they changed it because the naming itself was, as I've said before, very silly. Second, did anyone really except them not to?! With the way people are today, every time the word "I'm offended" are thrown around, companies just have this reactive reflex to go on a denial path. Not saying that every case is bogus or real but people have been inflating the issue so much that eventually people will just look the other way every time someone will try to say "I'm offended."

    Also, How come no one complained and yelled "MISOGYNY" about that scene in God of War 3 where Kratos used Poseidon's Princess, who herself is chained in a cell while she is crying for help, to hold the crack so the two big metal gates can stay open, after which he goes through and she gets crushed under the crank by the weight of the metal gates.

    You want to know why no one complained nor cared about that? Because there wasn't a Dead Island bust that pretty much bust the flood gates open.

    Well that's it from me. Great job as always. This one of the very few podcasts I actually listen to. I hope someday you will have the Giantbomb guys, or as least one of them, over as a guest.