Rumor: Phantom Pain trailer continues viral campaign

The Phantom Pain, the game that debuted at last year's Video Game Awards, was almost instantly linked to Metal Gear. The evidence has only mounted since then, and eager mystery-solvers can now examine another purported trailer from the studio.

A video was posted to GameTrailers, featuring live-action footage of an apparent operation room. It's a user video, but the attached username is "JoakimMogren," the supposed name of the studio head. Fans quickly noticed Joakim can be rearranged to spell "Kojima" when the game was announced.

Users on YouTube noticed various other clues, including the words "Project Omega," and "Phantom Pain" being referred to as a VR program.

Either Konami is continuing its viral campaign with a few more layers of obscurity, or this is an extremely elaborate fan video. We'll update as more information becomes available.