The Phantom Pain built on Kojima's Fox Engine

Ooh, what a merry chase The Phantom Pain is leading us on. Is it all an elaborate ruse for a new Metal Gear game? Is it happy coincidence that the first name of developer Moby Dick Studio's CEO, Joakim Mogren, is an anagram of "Kojima?" One thing's now for certain: the game is built upon the Fox Engine, Kojima Productions' shiny new tech.

The revelation came during a bizarre interview with Game Trailers. Joakim Mogren--his face wrapped in bandages, like a character in The Phantom Pain's teaser trailer--declined to answer questions about which platforms or even console generation it's aiming at, but did share some new screenshots. Which had a little Fox Engine logo in the corner.

So, in case you hadn't guessed, The Phantom Pain is something to do with Konami. While the Fox Engine is powering Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, it's not exclusive to Kojima Productions and Metal Gear. Fox also powers other, unrelated games from Kojima owner Konami, like the next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer.

Since Konami clearly wants wacky Phantom Pain conspiracy theories and rumours to spew out all over the place, here's one I'll pass on without comment: Joakim Mogren is CG in the Fox Engine.

More Phantom Pain details and a new trailer are promised for GDC later this month.