A World of Keflings now on Windows 8, coming to Wii U

A World of Keflings, the 2010 Xbox Live Arcade game from Ninja Bee, is heading to a few new platforms. The game has been ported to Windows 8 for $6.99. In a more surprising move, it will also be appearing on Nintendo's Wii U later this year.

The Windows 8 release includes Xbox Live connectivity, complete with leaderboards and 20 achievements. If you already played Keflings on the Xbox 360, you can earn 200 extra points on the Windows version. It also features touch and a picture-in-picture function. The downloadable content is not available on Windows 8 "yet," implying that it is coming later. The announcement also mentions that multiplayer and Avatar FameStar are not included in the Windows 8 version.

The mention of a Wii U version coming was less detailed, only promising significantly enhanced visuals and new ways to interact with the game using the GamePad.

"With the current generation of consoles coming to an end, we saw opportunities to bring what is perhaps our studio's most well-loved game to many, many more players," said Ninja Bee art director Brent Fox, in the announcement.