Star Wars: First Assault is a downloadable precursor to Battlefront 3

Last year, LucasArts seemed prepped to release Star Wars: First Assault. With trademarks registered, XBLA art leaked, LucasArts looked gung-ho about the game's release.

And then it disappeared.

In fact, LucasArts has yet to officially announce the game. According to Kotaku, the game was supposed to be announced in September of last year, with an open beta to follow shortly thereafter. However, the company's acquisition by Disney put question marks over all of the company's projects.

According to Kotaku's source, First Assault would have been a downloadable 8v8 shooter that would serve as "step zero" to a newly revived Star Wars: Battlefront 3. In fact, Battlefront 3 would have used code from First Assault.

Screenshots of the Unreal Engine-powered game released to the site reveal an uncanny similarity to DICE's Battlefield 3. If it weren't for the AT-ATs walking about, the two games would be hard to tell apart. Unfortunately for fans, it's unclear if they'll ever see this game.