Sega's iOS endless runner Sonic Dash announced

After a string of hit-or-miss ports on mobile devices, Sega may have found the perfect fit for its wily mascot on iOS devices. The company announced Sonic Dash today, an endless runner coming to iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. No word was given on the possibility of an Android version.

Sega's announcement is light on details, but says that the game is coming soon and supports leaderboards for challenging your friends. Other than that, all we have is a logo. It's coming from Hardlight Studio, the developer behind Sonic Jump. That game is one of the more highly-rated Sonic titles on both iOS and Android.

The genre has been popular lately, and the blue hedgehog seems uniquely suited for it. Rayman Jungle Run proved that an established character can make for a great endless runner platformer, so here's hoping Sonic does the same in Dash.