Rayman Jungle Run is official iPhone 'Game of the Year'

The App Store has been updated with a "Best of 2012" feature, which declares Apple's picks for the best content throughout iTunes. According to the Cupertino electronics giant, you should be listening to Frank Ocean while watching Breaking Bad. You should also be playing Rayman Jungle Run, its pick for iPhone Game of the Year. Citing "stellar control and stunning graphics," the $2.99 platformer ran away with Apple's top award.

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The runner-up is Letterpress, a free word game that blends in a strategy element.

The Room is Apple's official iPad Game of the Year. This adventure game has you solving puzzles as you try to find out what's in the box? And no, you don't have to tap away at the box to solve it. The iPad runner-up is Waking Mars, a game which tasks you with creating new life on Mars.

Congrats to the winners, but we wonder: will Apple's official nods help any of these games beat Angry Birds Space, the top-selling app on iTunes?